Launching The Art of Science in the UK

University Road Trip May 16-28

The launch of The Art of Science was emphasized by an Acabo Games team going on a two week University Road Trip in the UK. You can see our schedule below. We did have time to go to some bonus places not planned for in advance, these are put in brackets. It was very intense, and great to see so much of the UK in such short time… We saw many beautiful and historical universities, and some more modern.. All in all, studying in a university town in the UK seems to be really good. A big thanks to all you helpful people on the way, congratulations to you who are our new retailers, and to everyone who was sponsored with The Art of Science =).

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments on our trip: lovisa(at) or twitter: @AcaBoGames

May 16-20: Going North (Lovisa & Björn @Acabo Games)

16: University of Oxford

17: University of Warwick

18: University of Manchester (and Metropolitan Manchester)

19: University of Sheffield (and Nottingham)

20: University of Cambridge

Week-end – back to London

May 23-17: Going South (Lovisa & Markus@AcaboGames)

23: University of Brighton (and Sussex)

24: University of Exeter (and Southampton)

25: University of Bristol

26: University of Cardiff

27: University of Reading

Follow our trip here and on Twitter! AcaBoGames

Road Trip UK May 16-28 2011



Lovisa (left) with Uppsala cathedral in the background



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