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Cool tech start-ups in London

Wednesday night Pora Ora had an event “Back to School”, so all tech guys @TechHub and beyond could see for themselves how their new game had turned out – and how smart a 12-year old is. “The new online world where children under 13 can play, learn and socialise with friends whilst importantly keeping the parent involved.” Below is Connor, one of the founders:

During the evening, which was full of pizza, beer, jägermeister and sweets (nice combination), there were several tournaments, where Andrew P. White from Fundapps was hard to beat. He won by far the “Globetrotter” game, but his focus let him down in the final of the Maths game “Leapfrog”, haha. Can really recommend this game for parents who want their kids to play more than “non-brain” games, here you combine fun, adventure and learning, in lots of different subjects (it’s also free which is cool).

TechHub members focused on the contest (Andrew (FundApps), David and Stefanos (Sharkius), Andy, and Nick to the right (Squadify))

I sit next to some of these guys at TechHub and must say that they definately make my day go faster. Apart from throwing stuff at me they can be really nice, sometimes giving me Kinder eggs and helping me with HTML code.

On Tuesday TechHub had a demo night, and several cool start-ups pitched themselves. 

FundApps delivers software solutions for hedge funds, this is their “beast” “the Rapptr”: “a cloud-based compliance monitoring & reporting solution. Providing full UCITS IV monitoring as well as major shareholding reporting, both pre-trade & post-trade.” From what I can understand it’s sounds like a real good solution to the costly ones that are out there today..

One  that really impressed me was MyChoicePad, “a new educational iPad app to aid choice and communication for children with learning and communication difficulties”. Apparently 1 in 10 kids have communication problems which this ipadApp can do something about, and change lives of families. Developed by Zoe Peden, a cool woman who had been working with children communication skills for a long time (at the Makaton Charity), you go!

If you like facebook games, try TechHub member David’s Sharkius:, I love the look of the Teddybear one! Well I must admit I haven’t really played it, but I did register, so now I’m added  to the statistics as one of the few % above 25…

Sports related: 

Another cool start-up is Squadify; a “sports social network promoting health & fitness for all by offering free tools to find players, create teams and play matches”. I haven’t really understood the deal yet as it’s still under development, but I’m sure it will be successful, with devoted, techy and sporty founders..haha.

Another sports related one who presented themselves at the Demo night that I liked a lot as I’m quite sporty, was the community TribeSports, where you can “Connect with sports people that share your interests & create your complete sports profile. We want to inspire you to get more active and improve at your sports”. Here you can enter challenges such as “100 push-ups a day for one month”, and really do it because you get triggered and cheered on by other members. Run the marathon, anyone?

Permanent TechHub members and founders of cool start-ups: Andrew, Andy, and David at the Pora Ora event

The winners of Pora Ora announced by two of the founders

Another founder of Pora Ora presenting…

Ok next time – less about TechHub, and more about sciency things. maybe.

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