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Cambridge pub crawl and running against time

Next prominent university city up was lovely Cambridge. One can really just notice on the street how focused people are here. And science is what everybody speaks about, which means a perfect fit for science games! The Chemistry department, Biochemistry department and Plant biology can look forward to get The Art of Science as a prize at their Christmas parties. Several colleges can enjoy our challenging science quiz in their common rooms. The Science museum now sell it and of course also England’s most famous bookstore for academics, Heffers.

Evening session – pub crawling as usual. Already quite a few pubs in town have The Art of Science and fans can play the game at “The Kings Arms”, “The Elm Tree” and “The Emperor”. Bar owners report about frequent game nights and that The Art of Science is very appreciated. Now also THE pub “The Eagle”, “where the DNA was “invented” has the game that we invented. Thank you Gamebridge!

It’s really been an adventurous and exciting road trip through academic England and we sincerely hope that we have brought some science game spirit to the British! Thank you for this time!

1. Obviously many have already played their way to knowledge at “The Kings Arms”

2. “The Elm Tree” is a very good pub for board game players

3. Poster promotion tour in “Gamebridge”

4. Claudia and The Art of Science are ahead of time!

5. Björn is running against time…(or is it a time jump???)

6. The Art of Science at the top of board games in pubs in Cambridge


Bristol pubs and Reading University

Bristol pubs we like. They also seem to like The Art of Science. The Robin Hood, The White Bear, are the most famous, but also several more now hold our games. For those who happen to be in Bristol to try over a beer or two. We also had the opportunity to try their beers, and what can we say, drinking beer in England just IS so much more cultural then doing the same in Sweden…!

Tuesday morning, after a short visit to “@ Bristol” science museum, heading east again towards Reading. At first we found a really nice old English style university campus, but without students. After much walking and lots of guessing we learned that this campus actually was under construction. They had moved all students to another campus, their bastards. Off we went and there they were, hipes of them!

Blackwells in the student union building already sell the game so together we made a campaign giving out flyers to a huge amount of people and showing the game in the entrance of the shop. The campaign will continue there until Christmas for those who missed us. As a science student at Reading University I don’t think you can have missed that we exist though.

Got some tips for good board game pubs in Reading, so I should finish here for today…

1. Reading students happy to see the game

2. …more of them

3. Björn preparing the game at Blackwells

4. Fairly good exposed one must say…

5. Björn and Alex Hall at Blackwells in Reading

6. Some students really stayed for long to try the game

Back in the UK for Christmas promo tour of The Art of Science

Acabo Games’ newly wed love couple Björn and Claudia is this week reporting from their road trip…

A storage hall full of Christmas presents! We can tell you that Santa Claus gets a lot of support from the people in Swindon. On this year’s list of Christmas gifts is definitely: The Art of Science!

Since today, Claudia and Björn tour through Southern England. They started in Bristol and the tour continues to Reading, Cambridge, and Oxford. In Bristol students are still busy with their lectures and exams and a lot is going on at the university. Claudia enjoys the fairly moderate temperatures after arriving from snowy Sweden. The last colourful leaves on the trees are soon to fall off. Only the Christmas decoration in the streets and our promotion code for The Art of Science on the posters reminds one that it is Christmas in four weeks. We met many students from the Math department, Biological sciences and Engineering, and several tell us enthusiastically about fun knowledge game evenings in the local pubs of Bristol. But whoever is lucky can win our game at the Student Union Christmas Party!

On the promotion tour through the bookstores and game stores the nicest contact of the day was Kerstin, a woman who comes originally from Gothenburg, Sweden at Playful.

Björn in the hall of Santa (Tristan, the distributor, that is)

The Art of Science in Bristol

Noone can miss us in Bristol anymore

An academic for academics: Claudia presenting The Art of Science in Bristol

Björn, busy, busy

Kerstin, a very nice Swede in Bristol

The three R’s: Reviews, Retailers and Rankings

Three things I’m working on right now are: To find retailers for The Art of Science, both to create new windows for people to spot the game, and for people who have found out about the game and prefer buying it in a store. The second, and crucial, issue is to get publicity in any form: both paper and web exposure, by for example sending out samples to be reviewed. Exposing the game on different websites, for example board game sites and gift sites. The third thing; the ranking, and feedback, on these websites is everything. Which often is the result of a review. A bad note wouldn’t be very encouraging for potential buyers, would it…

So, first of all I’ve basically tried to contact all suitable book and gift chains this week. Got some very positive response, but frustrating enough the chains are so slow in their decision making and evaluation! But just now a manager asked me for the price of 3000 copies(!) I don’t want to say anything before anything is settled, but it’s certainly a good opportunity to spread our game throughout the UK, haha. There is only one hatch, and that is that with such a good trade price they can get for this many copies, they will probably offer the game at a cheaper price than us and other small shops that now hold the game, which will not be appreciated.

Two appreciated reviews lately:

Popular Science UK, Gift Review – The Art of Science , by Brian Clegg, popular science author and reviewer.

BenchTwentyOne,The Art of Science – a review of the new boardgame and an amusingly budget video tasterby PhD Chemist and Science writer Joshua Howgego, who we met in Bristol last week. He also published a very nice article in the Bristol university paper “Epigram”, but I haven’t got hold of the web version yet so can’t display it here..

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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