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Nürnberg- Toy fair 2012- old shoes and new stars

This year’s toy fair was again tremendously exciting and lots of new titles are waiting for board game fans. We recognised several running titles and best sellers, however, the funniest party game was seen at the boost of ”Identity Games” and it’s called ”boom boom baloon”. The game is about rolling the dice and tightening spikes into a balloon- thrilling, exciting …, and suddenly: boom! The same company produced hybrid games and combined classic board games with an iPad, so keep your eyes open for “game changer”.

The trend for mind-twisting games continues and we can highly recommend the classic Pentagon consisting of 5 quadratic play elements (it twists your brain!) or the new Swiss game “Caminos”, another strategic multidimensional game with the goal to build a connected line while your opponent tries to cut down your efforts.

The Art of Science and Guesstimaster (our new, bigger and better version of Guesstimates) were presented by Björn and Claudia only to selected companies. The games got particularly good feedback on their high social interaction moves and on their appealing graphic designs.  It is certain that these games have a higher academic value than anything we saw on the fair, and that is the strong USP of our company.

1.     Claudia found friends directly at the worlds biggest Toy Fair in Nürnberg

2.     Identity Games shows the latest iPad-technology for board games to Björn

3.     Björn showing The Art of Science inside the infinite fair

4.     Claudia takes a pause in the board game café

5.     Björn, Bier und Weisswurst – that’s the way to do it in Nürnberg

6.     Caminos, a game from Switzerland on it´s way over the Alps



Last day of Road trip: New retailers in Reading

At Reading University

Left Cardiff early on Friday to have time to visit Reading properly before returning to London, expecting that driving into London on a Friday evening wouldn’t be a piece of cake. On the way we passed by our distributor Tristan in Swindon to pick up some more games; our eager sponsoring meant that we had run out again! We have left a few games at new retailers in the form of small shops, so all games were not freebies luckily..

Reading university wasn’t the most pretty or historical one we had seen, but it was ok, with a lot of green area. The Blackwell university shop decided to take in a couple of games which was cool (Blackwell I would say is the largest academic book chain in the UK, but smaller shops I guess do franchising, not sure though). Also sponsored some societies, but didn’t find any good pubs to put the game in this time. It’s quite funny, often on this trip people have told us: “Na, don’t put the game there, the students will just ruin it”. It’s unbelievable that students at the most academic universities in the UK actually need to ruin, or steal(!) board games that belong to the pub. I’m sure it’s not just the UK, it’s just weird that it occurs. I wouldn’t believe it has got anything to do with the pubs serving alcohol… Having lunch at the campus pub today, we were not surprised by the sight of people sharing bottles of wine or pitchers of beer. We have got used to it. Funny this really.

The weather was quite grey, making it more tiresome than usual to run around the student campus.

hightech new lab building they are very proud of

In Reading city centre, which wasn’t too bad either (many people have told me that Reading is really ugly), we found a new retailer, Eclectic Games, a dedicated board game shop with a huge collection of board games, also hosting board game nights. Very nice people there.

Heading back to London felt rather nice after almost two weeks on the road. It had been really good to see so much in such a short time, meeting interesting people, and getting a much better picture of our market. But at the same time it had been quite intense, so now looking forward to be able to unpack my bag in my new room in Shoreditch, which I’m very excited about. But first, going to a party that the  JCC, Swedish Junior Chamber of Commerce arranged at the Roof Gardens. What is better than combining networking and fun?


Road trip sadly coming to an end, last night in Cardiff

University building in Cardiff

Arrived in Cardiff in the afternoon after a rainy morning in Bristol, visiting shops. “Heaven on Earth” and “Area51” decided to take in The Art of Science. Great!  So we happily moved on to Wales and Cardiff, where we immediately took on the new university (just another one with more than 20 000 students). First we were a bit lost, couldn’t find the university buildings, quite central in the middle of huge law buildings and museums, and hardly no signs. Impressive uni buildings! Luckily for the students, the Student union were located in a more “studenty” building which we finally found. Very friendly people here in Cardiff aswell, I must say! (Am I used to unfriendly people in Sweden or what..?)

Markus and Ian, board game enthusiast, in front of Cardiff Castle

Première for The Art of Science by students in Cardiff, here at Woodville pub

When we left the pub a few hours later they were still playing =)

Working at nice pub having burger and beer is not too bad

Children very excited about taking pictures of us tourists…

Road trip day 3 week 2: Bristol in pictures

Bristol University

Lovely evening in Bristol

Allison Daley, who helped with the British edition of The Art of Science

The usual university facutly in Bristol

I and Joshua Howgego, science editor at Bristol student paper "Epigram" with article about The Art of Science!

Joshua Howgego again, Chemistry phd student and journalist

Proper British pub quiz at The Lion

Lovely drive south, today: Southampton and Exeter

Today we drove a lot. Markus did very well for the first time on the wrong side of the road, haha…

As we went from Brighton to Southampton to Exeter, with hardly no motorway between the towns, it really took ages. We were thinking about stopping at yet another university on the way, but realized that was a bit too ambitious.. We still can’t believe all these roundabouts everywhere! This country really is crowded. We did see a plenty of beautiful countryside though, as you can get a glimpse of from my pictures.

Southampton campus

Southampton campus pub, students drinking at noon =)


We finally arrived in Exeter in the evening, and discovered that people are at least as friendly and helpful here as in Brighton (and Southampton). Really like the south of England! We went on our usual pub crawl, and had such a nice walk meanwhile. The town has plenty of historic buildings and is full of pretty areas. Favourite pub here was definately “The Rusty Bike”, where we introduced The Art of Science to some students, and had a very nice meal (I had to try the mussels, I mean, we’re practically by the sea).

The pub "The Rusty Bike"

James Hunter, Exeter student and board game talent

Still Exeter

The Art of Science always with us...

Running out of games – sending 78 to Cambridge

Arriving in Cambridge

After Manchester we began to realize that our 66 copies of The Art of Science we had packed the car with was far from enough. Especially as this only is our first “road trip week” out of two.. As Cambridge was approaching, we definately did not want to be short of games. I had established a contact with a science society in Cambridge, and as we were going to send a copy to Emmanuel College there, I called them and asked if it was ok if we sent “a few more parcels” to the same address. No problem, they said. God, I love all these cute old (mostly) college porters, they are mostly really friendly and helpful, and have such a personal contact to the students living there, that they can become really excited about their students getting a new game to their common room.

Anyhow, so we picked up the 13 big boxes of games in the heart of Cambridge on Friday afternoon (a bit anxious they wouldn’t arrive on time..), and could continue our promoting trip. As usual, Björn ran around to different colleges, while I visited some shops. I must say Cambridge was a bit bigger and unpersonal then I had thought, but still liked it a lot. Like Oxford, it is a very impressive town (but bigger), with so much history surrounding it. Some of the colleges we were allowed to enter properly looked just like images from Harry Potter, they are really keeping it traditional… I wouldn’t mind studying in a place like this at all, haha. And Björn has practically decided to move to Oxford.

Tim Middleton, Head of BlueSci magazine

Björn and something all the tourists photographed

Björn in front of the cute pub "Elm Tree"

Dr Greg Pearce and friend trying The Art of Science at Elm Tree

At night we went on a “pub crawl” to quite a few pubs, and got really good response on our game, fun! We also exchanged dinner and beer for a copy at one place… Good deal =)

Björn at cosy café CB1, where we got dinner in exchange for a game (Björn wants to point out that everything he's drinking is alcohol free)

Katinka, a very helpful biology student

John, game developer

End of week one! To be continued…

Next week is starting with Brighton on Monday!

Two crazy Swedes arrived in Sherwood forest

Quite exhausted after a very busy day, trying to remember what we’ve done today. Ok, we Started in Sheffield, going around the cute university campus, Björn’s adrenalin pumping at max all morning so he’s taking a nap right now. We arrived here into Nottingham in the afternoon, and spent the afternoon at the beautiful university of Nottingham. After Oxford my favourite so far.. We’ve actually visited 6 universities in 4 days now, starting circling the heart of England – the plan was one per day, so we’re doing quite well I think, haha. Now – pub time!


This is the kind of bar we sponsor The Art of Science to…

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