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Christmas market at Mill Street in Cambridge or who is NOT into science here?!

Every first weekend in December there is a big Christmas market at Mill Street in Cambridge. The Art of Science got amazingly much attention and every second person was in some way connected to science – lovely. “Oh, a science quiz game, that’s a really good idea” was the most common comment of the day. Many games sold, media attention (in radio and local papers) and bringing a lot of smiles to the market – arrangers were more than happy!

Next to us in the tent at the market stood the famous local board game firm that makes The War on Terror and afterwards we had a very nice beer with them at the great pub The Devonshire Arms. Very sympathic people. Who knows, we might end up in a collaboration after Christmas…

Evening ends up very nicely with beers with the creators of The War on Terror game

Claudia and Björn prepared for the last day in the UK for this time

Posters must be in plastic in Cambridge. I suspect it rains a lot here…

The Art of Science – most popular at the Mill Raod Winter Fair this year!

Björn getting lots of good tips from a Cambridge science professor

Björn donating the last games we had in the car to Oxfam as Charity

Claudia and Björn making cheers after a successful week. Skåål!!


Cambridge pub crawl and running against time

Next prominent university city up was lovely Cambridge. One can really just notice on the street how focused people are here. And science is what everybody speaks about, which means a perfect fit for science games! The Chemistry department, Biochemistry department and Plant biology can look forward to get The Art of Science as a prize at their Christmas parties. Several colleges can enjoy our challenging science quiz in their common rooms. The Science museum now sell it and of course also England’s most famous bookstore for academics, Heffers.

Evening session – pub crawling as usual. Already quite a few pubs in town have The Art of Science and fans can play the game at “The Kings Arms”, “The Elm Tree” and “The Emperor”. Bar owners report about frequent game nights and that The Art of Science is very appreciated. Now also THE pub “The Eagle”, “where the DNA was “invented” has the game that we invented. Thank you Gamebridge!

It’s really been an adventurous and exciting road trip through academic England and we sincerely hope that we have brought some science game spirit to the British! Thank you for this time!

1. Obviously many have already played their way to knowledge at “The Kings Arms”

2. “The Elm Tree” is a very good pub for board game players

3. Poster promotion tour in “Gamebridge”

4. Claudia and The Art of Science are ahead of time!

5. Björn is running against time…(or is it a time jump???)

6. The Art of Science at the top of board games in pubs in Cambridge

Acabo Games wins grand slam at Business Challenge

My colleague Markus Larsson represented Acabo Games in Swedish largest entrepreneurship competition Business Challenge, for young entrepreneurs 18-30 years old. The mission of the organization is to get more young people to start and run their own business.

The main prize “the company of the year” was EUR 11 000 and went to a cool company called Housify (a social web-based music service allowing you to discover, stream and share electronic music), but thanks to Markus efforts in applying, Acabo Games won “Best Marketing”, and “Best Sales”, both winning money and a sales workshop with the professional Jonas Möller. YEEEY!!!!

I couldn’t believe my ears when I first heard about this, it was really cool to receive this prize – all our hard work during the last year payed off!

The event was held at the renowned Grand Hotel in Stockholm, and included a full day of exposition, pitching, networking, mingling, ending with a gala dinner at the beautiful hotel. I wish I could have been there with Markus…

(Click to enlarge slideshow)

Wildfire at TechHub – help me with campaign!

Another week at TechHub starting with interesting events. First on Monday the Social media marketing company Wildfire (and VirginAtlantic, and Facebook) was there, to talk about what they do and celebrate their launch in the UK. They were founded in 2008 and have become quite huge in the US so far. I became really inspired by CEO and founder Victoria Ransom; a true entrepreneur, and so easy going and interested. She talked about how you can accelerate your marketing through social media, especially Facebook (naturally giving us examples of success stories about companies who have used Wildfire). Gavin Sathianathan from Facebook then gave us the latest trends and tools for Facebook marketing, very interesting.

So I though why not try out Wildfire? Our company is on a very restricted marketing budget, which is not a problem with them. Very cheaply you can still create all sorts of campaigns. I chose the “Standard account” which costs 25 dollars + 2.99/day. So check out my first campaign! (I’m seeing it as more of a test-campaign, but still hoping it will create a buzz..)

Check out and enter the sweepstakes by clicking on the image!

So I’m very excited to see what will come out of this campaign. You need to do the promoting work yourself on social media, so it all depends how well people LIKE and SHARE the campaign, so as it can spread to new networks of people. So PLEASE – HELP ME SHARING IT and I’ll be forever grateful! =)

it’s really easy to enter the sweepstakes as well! (and of course free)

here is the link:

No, by clicking on this link:

Viral Marketing workshop @TechHub

Thursday afternoon I attended another marketing workshop, this time at TechHub, to learn about

“Viral Marketing, Retention & Social Engagement”

and to find out more about other members at TechHub. A guy called Toby Beresfordfounder of Pailz.comintroduced his “Petal Model of Social Engagement”, “a simple way to break down the various application loops you need for success today”. I must add that the model is easiest applied to tech-products (most obvious are apps/games and communities).

It is about the four “viral loops” – once a person has DISCOVERED your product (the most important part actually, to raise awareness, or you can forget about the loops..) There is an active/direct loop (ex: friends can recommend your product to friends) an inactive/passive (I can see what friends are up to, ex: user profiles and leaderboards), a positive loop (what do I get if I come back every day? ex: perks, or you have a chore, like feeding your pet), negative loop (what is my immediate cost if I don’t come back? ex: your pet will die…) You need to make sure something is happening in all of these loops, that’s when you can become the most successful, according to Toby. A fun quoute: The “Share button” is so last year! “You need profiles and leaderboards in all of these loops!” An important issue we discussed were WHY should the customer recommend it to someone else – you need to be clear about the upsides and the perks…

 There were  many interesting participants in the work-shops, all tech start-ups. I’m the only one launching something physical, haha, so I always want to emphasize that apart from a board game we are launching apps, too… =) One was FoodNation, who is launching an app about discovering local food in the UK. A more career-focused “linked-in” style community is ViewsOnYou, a site where you review yourself and friends review you; all on the key traits employers look for. This way, matching becomes easier, and filtering for employers is possible. I would just be a bit scared to join, what if your views on yourself are completely different from what others think? What does that say about you?

A brand new cool community website is ColourDNA, “which helps you discover new things to enjoy in life from people like you.” “We connect you with the things you love, in the places you love and with people who love them too.” It’s called “Social Discovery”, and the point is that you can find great things beyond your friend’s network… I’m trying it out now, looks cool! Could it be the next big community?

Last picture of the day – a normal late evening at TechHub…

Hard working people at TechHub...

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