Launching The Art of Science in the UK

This year’s toy fair was again tremendously exciting and lots of new titles are waiting for board game fans. We recognised several running titles and best sellers, however, the funniest party game was seen at the boost of ”Identity Games” and it’s called ”boom boom baloon”. The game is about rolling the dice and tightening spikes into a balloon- thrilling, exciting …, and suddenly: boom! The same company produced hybrid games and combined classic board games with an iPad, so keep your eyes open for “game changer”.

The trend for mind-twisting games continues and we can highly recommend the classic Pentagon consisting of 5 quadratic play elements (it twists your brain!) or the new Swiss game “Caminos”, another strategic multidimensional game with the goal to build a connected line while your opponent tries to cut down your efforts.

The Art of Science and Guesstimaster (our new, bigger and better version of Guesstimates) were presented by Björn and Claudia only to selected companies. The games got particularly good feedback on their high social interaction moves and on their appealing graphic designs.  It is certain that these games have a higher academic value than anything we saw on the fair, and that is the strong USP of our company.

1.     Claudia found friends directly at the worlds biggest Toy Fair in Nürnberg

2.     Identity Games shows the latest iPad-technology for board games to Björn

3.     Björn showing The Art of Science inside the infinite fair

4.     Claudia takes a pause in the board game café

5.     Björn, Bier und Weisswurst – that’s the way to do it in Nürnberg

6.     Caminos, a game from Switzerland on it´s way over the Alps



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