Launching The Art of Science in the UK

Every first weekend in December there is a big Christmas market at Mill Street in Cambridge. The Art of Science got amazingly much attention and every second person was in some way connected to science – lovely. “Oh, a science quiz game, that’s a really good idea” was the most common comment of the day. Many games sold, media attention (in radio and local papers) and bringing a lot of smiles to the market – arrangers were more than happy!

Next to us in the tent at the market stood the famous local board game firm that makes The War on Terror and afterwards we had a very nice beer with them at the great pub The Devonshire Arms. Very sympathic people. Who knows, we might end up in a collaboration after Christmas…

Evening ends up very nicely with beers with the creators of The War on Terror game

Claudia and Björn prepared for the last day in the UK for this time

Posters must be in plastic in Cambridge. I suspect it rains a lot here…

The Art of Science – most popular at the Mill Raod Winter Fair this year!

Björn getting lots of good tips from a Cambridge science professor

Björn donating the last games we had in the car to Oxfam as Charity

Claudia and Björn making cheers after a successful week. Skåål!!


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