Launching The Art of Science in the UK

Next up Brunel university in the outskirts of London (Uxbridge). First we had the opportunity to meet with the famous British engineer scientist Professor H S Wolff, who switched to fluent German when he heard Claudia’s German accent. We showed him the game and told him about the 2000 questions and gave him a free game for his department. However, he seems to be more interested in interactive games of one he developed himself: Prof. Heinz Wolff´s Gravity” Indeed, it is a nice computer game, who knows, maybe we can transfer our questions into interactive games. Who wants to be the famous Professor this time?

At Brunel we were lucky due to the big strike. Students did’t have lectures so they just seemed to hang around at campus with lot’s of time talking to board game people like us. We took the opportunity to sponsor several Christmas parties on the student union with our game and as usual covered the campus with posters and flyers. So, if you want one for free, go there and participate in the competitions!

Tomorrow we arrive to the most famous university of the world: OXFORD, here we come!

(click on picture to view pictures larger and slideshow)

1. The Art of Sience at Brunel University

2. “The Art of Science”, Claudia and Björn at Burnel University without Prof. Heinz Wolff because they could not afford him

3. Brunel is now wallpapered with posters…

4. Lot’s of new contacts today

5. Björn working hard (between the pub visits)


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