Launching The Art of Science in the UK

I have been extremely bad at blogging this Summer. Inspiration just left me as soon as I left TechHub, and London. First I went on vacation, although not able to let go completely of work. Going to where I am now, working half time and still trying to enjoy Summer a little while I have taken on a lot of other projects at the same time. Not optimal…

“Not-so-trivial pursuit – A new board game tests your science knowledge.”

I was thrilled to have a guy from the BioTechniques Journal calling me a couple of months ago. Not only do I have a background in Biotech myself (studied 5 long years at the civil engineering program of Biotechnology at Uppsala), but the Journal is international and he was calling from the US! And we have done absolutely no efforts to get us a name there so far. Almost everything spreads by the web nowadays, alas Word-of-Mouth is just so much easier. And as we are a small company with limited resources, we are very thankful for this.

In the article I am quoted a couple of times, but everything can never come out right in media, I have learnt. Here it was just a minor thing. We do not claim that The Art of Science  is an educational “tool”; we have made it more as a complement to university, to motivate students in their studies, and to provide a fun game which is made specifically for people interested in science, in all ages. We want to promote science, to say: Science is cool – here is a product just for you people.

I like this description in the article:

“The Art of Science promises to rattle the nerves of even the brainiest scientist and technologist.”


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