Launching The Art of Science in the UK

A bunch of people from the worldwide popular science magazine New Scientist have now tried The Art of Science: 

“Last week, in a heady atmosphere of beer, chips and science banter, a selection of New Scientist’s hardiest science bods gathered after work to put the board game through its paces.”

I’m going to let them speak for themselves, but I agree in a lot of things they say. However, I think claiming that you need to be an “uber-geek” for this game is a bit unfair (then I guess they all are), as then all science-interested people who I’ve ever showed the game for, who tried it, and liked it, are uber-geeks. well…haha. I’m certainly a geek myself.

We played on. It was intense, it was challenging. Sometimes it was slightly confusing, but ultimately we had a lot of fun.”

They ultimately summarize the game quite nicely I think:

“A great concept, The Art of Science fulfils the needs of any University Challenge enthusiast and anyone looking to put their degrees to challenging and hopefully friendly competition.”

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