Launching The Art of Science in the UK

Another week at TechHub starting with interesting events. First on Monday the Social media marketing company Wildfire (and VirginAtlantic, and Facebook) was there, to talk about what they do and celebrate their launch in the UK. They were founded in 2008 and have become quite huge in the US so far. I became really inspired by CEO and founder Victoria Ransom; a true entrepreneur, and so easy going and interested. She talked about how you can accelerate your marketing through social media, especially Facebook (naturally giving us examples of success stories about companies who have used Wildfire). Gavin Sathianathan from Facebook then gave us the latest trends and tools for Facebook marketing, very interesting.

So I though why not try out Wildfire? Our company is on a very restricted marketing budget, which is not a problem with them. Very cheaply you can still create all sorts of campaigns. I chose the “Standard account” which costs 25 dollars + 2.99/day. So check out my first campaign! (I’m seeing it as more of a test-campaign, but still hoping it will create a buzz..)

Check out and enter the sweepstakes by clicking on the image!

So I’m very excited to see what will come out of this campaign. You need to do the promoting work yourself on social media, so it all depends how well people LIKE and SHARE the campaign, so as it can spread to new networks of people. So PLEASE – HELP ME SHARING IT and I’ll be forever grateful! =)

it’s really easy to enter the sweepstakes as well! (and of course free)

here is the link:

No, by clicking on this link:


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