Launching The Art of Science in the UK

Cool Sciency blogs

I’ve been busy lately finding cool science blogs to become inspired, and to find potential bloggers for The Art of Science, of course. Here are four:

One of the top 5 UK science blogs is Bad Science, by Dr Ben Goldacre, who describes himself as a “best-selling authour, broadcaster, medical doctor and academic who specialises in unpicking dodgy scientific claims from drug companies, newspapers, government reports, PR people and quacks.” I’m  curious about his book “Bad Science” (probably behind rest of the world not having heard of it), maybe I’ll get around buying it for the holiday actually. He’s apparently coming out with a book next year about misbehaviours in the pharmaceutical industry, very interesting…



A young guy who’s also high on the science blog rankings in the UK is the Imperial College student Ben Good, with B Good Science Blog. One fun recent post is about scientists who have been testing (very scientifically) the old Danish myth that you can get drunk by putting your feet into alcohol, “submerging your feet”. “Their results, indicate that unfortunately a Fosters footbath is unlikely to become the new way to consume your drinks.”, Ben Good writes. This also shows that Scientists have a very good sense of humor!

The secondary outcome was self assessment of intoxication related symptoms (self-confidence, urge to speak, and number of spontaneous hugs)”

Examining the intoxication levels from putting feet in alcohol

When speaking about science and humor, Scientist and author David Brin has just written a great post about top choices in Science-Oriented webcomics. According to him one of the most widely known is by Randall Munroe. Here’s an illustration that mocks Frank Drake’s infamous Drake Equation, attempting to calculate the number of “intelligent” extraterrestrial cilivizations in the Milky Way Galaxy…

I’m not sure how focused this other big blogger Crispian Jago is on science, describing his blog: “Dipping the reason stick in a fresh pile of steaming dog dirt and waving it in the general direction of irrational nonsense.”  but he has created a few cool sciency stuff; one is a great “Modern Science Map” of the most important people in science over “500 years of Science, Reason & Critical Thinking”. Click on the image to get to see it properly, it’s quite cool. You can click on each name to get more information, there are even pictures of all the scientists! So all you science geeks and science intellectuals – have a look if you haven’t seen this already!!!  Print it and put it up on the wall or something =).


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