Launching The Art of Science in the UK

At Reading University

Left Cardiff early on Friday to have time to visit Reading properly before returning to London, expecting that driving into London on a Friday evening wouldn’t be a piece of cake. On the way we passed by our distributor Tristan in Swindon to pick up some more games; our eager sponsoring meant that we had run out again! We have left a few games at new retailers in the form of small shops, so all games were not freebies luckily..

Reading university wasn’t the most pretty or historical one we had seen, but it was ok, with a lot of green area. The Blackwell university shop decided to take in a couple of games which was cool (Blackwell I would say is the largest academic book chain in the UK, but smaller shops I guess do franchising, not sure though). Also sponsored some societies, but didn’t find any good pubs to put the game in this time. It’s quite funny, often on this trip people have told us: “Na, don’t put the game there, the students will just ruin it”. It’s unbelievable that students at the most academic universities in the UK actually need to ruin, or steal(!) board games that belong to the pub. I’m sure it’s not just the UK, it’s just weird that it occurs. I wouldn’t believe it has got anything to do with the pubs serving alcohol… Having lunch at the campus pub today, we were not surprised by the sight of people sharing bottles of wine or pitchers of beer. We have got used to it. Funny this really.

The weather was quite grey, making it more tiresome than usual to run around the student campus.

hightech new lab building they are very proud of

In Reading city centre, which wasn’t too bad either (many people have told me that Reading is really ugly), we found a new retailer, Eclectic Games, a dedicated board game shop with a huge collection of board games, also hosting board game nights. Very nice people there.

Heading back to London felt rather nice after almost two weeks on the road. It had been really good to see so much in such a short time, meeting interesting people, and getting a much better picture of our market. But at the same time it had been quite intense, so now looking forward to be able to unpack my bag in my new room in Shoreditch, which I’m very excited about. But first, going to a party that the  JCC, Swedish Junior Chamber of Commerce arranged at the Roof Gardens. What is better than combining networking and fun?



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