Launching The Art of Science in the UK

University building in Cardiff

Arrived in Cardiff in the afternoon after a rainy morning in Bristol, visiting shops. “Heaven on Earth” and “Area51” decided to take in The Art of Science. Great!  So we happily moved on to Wales and Cardiff, where we immediately took on the new university (just another one with more than 20 000 students). First we were a bit lost, couldn’t find the university buildings, quite central in the middle of huge law buildings and museums, and hardly no signs. Impressive uni buildings! Luckily for the students, the Student union were located in a more “studenty” building which we finally found. Very friendly people here in Cardiff aswell, I must say! (Am I used to unfriendly people in Sweden or what..?)

Markus and Ian, board game enthusiast, in front of Cardiff Castle

Première for The Art of Science by students in Cardiff, here at Woodville pub

When we left the pub a few hours later they were still playing =)

Working at nice pub having burger and beer is not too bad

Children very excited about taking pictures of us tourists…


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