Launching The Art of Science in the UK

Today we drove a lot. Markus did very well for the first time on the wrong side of the road, haha…

As we went from Brighton to Southampton to Exeter, with hardly no motorway between the towns, it really took ages. We were thinking about stopping at yet another university on the way, but realized that was a bit too ambitious.. We still can’t believe all these roundabouts everywhere! This country really is crowded. We did see a plenty of beautiful countryside though, as you can get a glimpse of from my pictures.

Southampton campus

Southampton campus pub, students drinking at noon =)


We finally arrived in Exeter in the evening, and discovered that people are at least as friendly and helpful here as in Brighton (and Southampton). Really like the south of England! We went on our usual pub crawl, and had such a nice walk meanwhile. The town has plenty of historic buildings and is full of pretty areas. Favourite pub here was definately “The Rusty Bike”, where we introduced The Art of Science to some students, and had a very nice meal (I had to try the mussels, I mean, we’re practically by the sea).

The pub "The Rusty Bike"

James Hunter, Exeter student and board game talent

Still Exeter

The Art of Science always with us...


Comments on: "Lovely drive south, today: Southampton and Exeter" (1)

  1. Mairead said:

    the pub with students drinking at noon is the southampton uni pub

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