Launching The Art of Science in the UK

Brighton – we like

Markus in front of the main Pier in Brighton

Markus and student at Brighton University

Markus and I arrived in a windy windy Brighton today. The first thing we did was taking the usual AcaboGames road trip tour around the city before finding the correct (science) university campus. We do get to see a lot on this trip, we’re good at unplanned sightseeing I must say.

First I have to pay a tribute to Brighton, think this is the place in the UK with the most helpful people so far. Just one example was the Student Union, and other people at the uni, so friendly and helpful! We got to have a stand in the cafeteria for free – which hadn’t been heard of at the previous places we’ve been to, where it’s all been about paying..

The only negative thing about this trip is that almost all uni’s have their examination period right at this time. It’s really a shame, students are very focused to pass all their massive papers and exams – not always up for hearing about a new, cool, science trivia game..  The campus’ are just not as they can be..

We also ran into a dissertation party at Sussex university (very close to town, so we thought we should pay it a visit aswell..) Tons of students were handing in some kind of dissertation, and just at the apparent deadline minute, two guys ran NAKED through student campus and the big crowd sitting on the lawn, to the bewilderment of us innocent Swedes. In the campus pub a huge party was going on, people had been drinking quite a while already. I can’t believe this university alcohol culture that you have here in the UK, but I don’t mind really.. (on campus!, I don’t mean that we don’t drink at student towns in Sweden…)

Me and Markus at one of the pubs we sponsored with a game, having a magnificent British meal of pie, mash and gravy for late dinner.  Here giving a go at the game “Trump”, but quite soon got bored.. =)

Another cozy pub we sponsored, "The Florist"

Brighton or Brunei?


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