Launching The Art of Science in the UK

Arriving in Cambridge

After Manchester we began to realize that our 66 copies of The Art of Science we had packed the car with was far from enough. Especially as this only is our first “road trip week” out of two.. As Cambridge was approaching, we definately did not want to be short of games. I had established a contact with a science society in Cambridge, and as we were going to send a copy to Emmanuel College there, I called them and asked if it was ok if we sent “a few more parcels” to the same address. No problem, they said. God, I love all these cute old (mostly) college porters, they are mostly really friendly and helpful, and have such a personal contact to the students living there, that they can become really excited about their students getting a new game to their common room.

Anyhow, so we picked up the 13 big boxes of games in the heart of Cambridge on Friday afternoon (a bit anxious they wouldn’t arrive on time..), and could continue our promoting trip. As usual, Björn ran around to different colleges, while I visited some shops. I must say Cambridge was a bit bigger and unpersonal then I had thought, but still liked it a lot. Like Oxford, it is a very impressive town (but bigger), with so much history surrounding it. Some of the colleges we were allowed to enter properly looked just like images from Harry Potter, they are really keeping it traditional… I wouldn’t mind studying in a place like this at all, haha. And Björn has practically decided to move to Oxford.

Tim Middleton, Head of BlueSci magazine

Björn and something all the tourists photographed

Björn in front of the cute pub "Elm Tree"

Dr Greg Pearce and friend trying The Art of Science at Elm Tree

At night we went on a “pub crawl” to quite a few pubs, and got really good response on our game, fun! We also exchanged dinner and beer for a copy at one place… Good deal =)

Björn at cosy café CB1, where we got dinner in exchange for a game (Björn wants to point out that everything he's drinking is alcohol free)

Katinka, a very helpful biology student

John, game developer

End of week one! To be continued…

Next week is starting with Brighton on Monday!


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