Launching The Art of Science in the UK

This morning we left early the (to us) not so impressing Birmingham, to reach the much nicer Manchester before lunch. This was a great target. There are two massive universities next to each other (around 35 000 students each), which makes it all so much easier… As usual talking to the student unions, sponsoring plenty of games to societies, targeted some pubs, and found at least one new retail shop, the TravellingMan. Very nice guy there. People in the academic bookchain Blackwell were also really positive, as they were in Oxford, so we are crossing our fingers, that would have been the perfect place!

Some other great news just reached me from Sweden. Akademibokhandeln, the large academic book chain in Sweden, has decided to take in our games. This is super important to us, so we are definately celebrating today!

As we felt quite done with Manchester (not with the Manchester night life, but I guess that’s not the aim of our trip really..), we decided to go to Sheffield one day earlier to spend the night. After a stunning countryside drive (by mistake we picked the smaller, but more intriguing road again, haha), seeing mostly sheep, hills, fields, and pine trees, we reached this cute town, beautifully situated in the mountains. Just been a hassle finding anywhere to stay in this town! Don’t they get tourists up here?

Björn and I at Manchester university

The Art of Science feels at home at pubs...

University of Manchester

haha I know, we’re bringing The Art of Science everywhere… Below in Sheffield. 


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