Launching The Art of Science in the UK

A very intense day started in Oxford. We split up as we wanted to use the short time we had left as efficient as possible. Björn was in his best running shoes – with two big boxes of The Art of Science in his arms I saw him run off, visiting plenty of (historical) different colleges (campus accomodation almost all quite central in Oxford), sponsoring our game, going into shops, and talking to people. I mostly had appointments with shops, as well as with Science Oxford , a cool organization promoting science.

Hoyles on High Street in Oxford

(our game in the window!)

Björn and The Art of Science in Oxford

After lunch we went to Warwick University, in the countryside less than 1 hour from Oxford. It was completely different from Oxford, but apparently ranked 3 of all universities in the UK. Students there must be ambitious and good at science there we thought… It wasn’t as easy as Oxford to promote our game, but sure we got some good contacts, and made a student bar very happy, getting a brand new board game into their (otherwise poor) collection.
Now we’ve reached Birmingham. However, when we finally found the University it was getting late, and we were exhausted. So not much done here, although it was nice to see a a little of the university campus.

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