Launching The Art of Science in the UK

I never thought I would start taking charge of our company’s twitter account again. Even less considered twittering personally. I thought it took way too much time and focus from more important work. I didn’t really know how to make the account worth following either, I must admit. But here at TechHub I needed to provide my Twitter name, both for the TechHub “network” and to a friendly guy in charge called “The other Mike”, haha, as he offered to twitter about me looking for a room in London (Thanks Mike!). Instantly people started following “AcaBoGames”, supposedly mostly techhub members, but still. After being dead for quite a while, the account has now had a revival, I must say! So I’ve just continued twittring since yesterday – when you actually have something interesting to twitter about it doesn’t take much time at all. Not to mention it can actually be quite fun!


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