Launching The Art of Science in the UK

Co-founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales speaking @TechHub

First day in London! It feels great, and it’s all sunny! Started the day with looking at a room to rent with an agent (currently staying at my sweet friend Susanne’s house on the couch..) Then went and signed in at TechHub – my new office. It’s an office hub with hot desks and permanent ones, for entrepreneurs from all around the world, mostly in some sort of technology/digital business. Even though I represent a board game company, I fit in here just fine – as we are making digital applications! =). It’s a really friendly, cool place, with a cool location in Shoreditch, just next to Old Street tube station (I’m obsessed with tube stations to orientate around town). So preferably I’d like to stay in this area as well! Really like the neighborhood, so it’s not only too be close to office.

Already the first day exciting things are happening here. Jimmy Wales – Internet entrepreneur and co-founder of Wikipedia came here. Really interesting to listen to what he has to say about the challenges on the Internet today, about access to knowledge etc..


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