Launching The Art of Science in the UK

Tristan at Total Fulfilment Logistics, Swindon

Total Fulfilment, the excellent storage for the games

18/4. The week-end really went too quickly. Had a nice one hanging out with friends in Oval, visiting bars and the Colombia Flower Market in Shoreditch, eating really good Vietnamese in the same area, and working a little. Today I went an hour outside London to visit a potential logistics/storage partner in Swindon. Quite quickly after I met Tristan, I realized that this was our partner. He was just so agreeable, helpful and service-minded. We went through all the costs, logistics and alternatives for delivery, which was great to do face to face. He went out of his way to try and decrease the costs for us, which I was very thankful for. And they seem to be extremely flexible with everything from putting in whatever we desire in the parcels, to fix particular gift-wrappings. A reason for this might be that they are entrepreneurs, starting Total Fulfilment Logistics only last year, as well as I think they like the thought of working with a young, entrepreneurial team like us, or at least Tristan said so…

Now back at the office in Uppsala, but looking forward to moving to London in 3 weeks! Started the collaboration with Quipper to make apps for The Art of Science, which means that we  need to complement quite a few questions with multiple-choice. Of course my partner (in the company) Björn Lindh immediately took charge of this, he is a real creative “doer”, and of great support to me, which I’m very happy for.

Next I’m going to my parents house in the countryside, How nice won’t it be just to chill and see the whole family properly. Happy Easter!

Next to Colombia Flower Market

How cool isn't he?

My friend Natasha bought beautiful flowers


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  1. Härligt att höra att det går bra för er Lovi. Vi ses i helgen, kram!!

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