Launching The Art of Science in the UK

15/4 afternoon. After swearing at Starbucks, caffe nero, EAT, and all other cafés around St. James Park as my paid-for wireless network wasn’t working at these places today again, I had a meeting with Quipper, a really cool entrepreneurial company that makes apps for organizations that want to share knowledge/market their products etc. This thanks to a quick call by James at my previous meeting with Connect London..

The people I met a Quipper were very nice and enthusiastic, and wanted to take on our game without hesitation (they probably just want to extend their portfolio as fast as possible). After a long meeting this seems to be a great opportunity, as they have a platform ready to make quiz-apps (see picture above describing different possibilities), and they can have it ready in 2-3 weeks, hence at time for our launch in the UK. As if this is not enough, they do this for FREE, and we’ll get both an iPhone, an android, and a Facebook app at the same time if we want. I wonder what the hook is?

One disadvantage is that the app won’t be as cool graphically as an iphone app made for 10 000 pounds… but I think we can manage, it’s a fantastic marketing tool. The game will have a very limited amount of questions, but will be free of charge. To start with. You can tell how enthusiastic I am, just hope it all works out.

Now – time for dinner with friends in Shoreditch.


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