Launching The Art of Science in the UK

Meeting Connect

15/4. Today I first went out in the suburbs; to Surbiton to meet Connect, an organization which helps new business to growth, and connects different companies, investors with entrepreneurs etc. I got in touch with these people thanks to Connect Uppsala, who has been very helpful to us. They set up “investor boards”, so we had a “mock” presentation of our company for potential investors with different backgrounds, earlier this year. It was a fantastic opportunity to see how they look upon our possibilities and limitations, and if they would invest in us today or not. Luckily, we got very positive feedback =).

Anyhow, a certain James from Connect London was very helpful; just to get a British, experienced business-helper’s view on our strategy was great. Got confirmed that our price-point probably IS to high (I’ve been discussing this back and forth for a while, and thought we could get away with it thanks to our “uniqueness”, haha) – 49 pounds is a lot for a board game on the UK market. Not to speak of from a student’s perspective, even though they have 20 % discount, from their point of view it’s still very expensive. As a student I know said: “49 pounds is like a week’s food for me”. Our problem is also how to make the student discount accessible for all students. In Sweden we’ve worked with codes, but if you don’t know the code you can’t really tell that we offer the discount. (the code is mainly spread by word-of-mouth, flyers, posters, our FAQ, and emails, clearly not enough…) This is not good at all, and a system needs to be worked out. QUICKLY. At these times I hate that we have a standardized webshop.


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