Launching The Art of Science in the UK

14/4: Today was really a day on the go. Both my feet and shoulders are sore from walking, and carrying. Carrying around my purse, my computer bag, a big bunch of flyers and The Art of Science – three bags in total. two too many. However it’s been useful to be able to show people what we actually do. I find it quite hard to estimate the travelling time here in London. All you know is that you should start well in advance as you never know if the tube will suddenly stop, the traffic get jammed or you start walking in the wrong direction (kidding, overground is actually not that bad). Anyhow, I made it on time to my first meeting, which was with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. They are located in Marylebone which is a quite nice area. Had a good meeting, and was also invited to an event tonight that JCC – The Junior chamber club for young professionals in London, was arranging.
Mats Granryd, CEO Tele2, was there, holding a speech about global management.

It was a real nice event, and inspiring to listen to Mats, who has been working in many different cultures. Maybe because I’m aiming for an international career myself. Afterwards there was wine and snacks, and got to meet quite a few cool people working in London (not all swedes actually), and got a few good advice.. I don’t thing anyone believed I was doing something sane – “so where do you work?” “Well, I’m here to launch a science board game”, not the first thing that would have crossed their minds… unfortunately not many with a science background was there, mostly people in law and business…

Below is a picture visualizing Mats Graneryd’s speech (kind of) (he actually showed us two “Frank-commercials” which are just great I think, here’s one of them:

Today, except this and swearing at my Internet not working, I had lunch with a Canadian girl called Allison, who is doing her post doc. at the Natural History museum – studying fossils 520 million years old. Really cool. She’s helped us translating the game, and been very helpful during the year overall. And today she got me the number of whom to contact about getting our game into the museum shop. You Swedish can’t understand why that’s so important, but I tell you it’s not easy to get in touch with people in this country! If you get further than to the reception you are lucky. Very rarely there are no more contact numbers than a customer service, or general one available on company websites. Compared to Sweden, where you can practically call VOLVO and get through to the CEO (if he’s in). Amazing (small) country. Of course the “retail-responsible guy”  didn’t have time to see me there and then, when I’d walked Allison back to the museum. But he can’t hide, I’ve got his number! =). Went to the Science museum next door as well, where I’d been trying calling without reaching anywhere. Now at least, I walked from the museum shop with an email address of someone in the retail department. puh. God knows if I’ll manage to convince these people that our game is perfect for their shops, but I definately need to try (hard)!

Then I also visited Imperial college and talked to some people, but it was quite dead. most students are on holiday. Picked up a school paper and got some numbers to people in the student union who might be able to help me finding student ambassadors. (Our plan is to acquire ambassadors at 10 important universities)..

This was a little bit about today, now exhausted. Good night.


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