Launching The Art of Science in the UK

London London

Arrived yesterday and I’m already quite exhausted from the city. Don’t get me wrong, I love the pulse here, which Stockholm is lacking. Have been on the go all day, and been annoyed at O2 half of it. The other half has been productive. Was reminded how tiring the tube system is here, and that we should be happy in Stockholm (well, I know, it’s like ten times smaller as well)… Bought a “pay as you go” sim card yesterday and put on a lot of credit as I thought you just top it up when you run out, specifically asked – I don’t HAVE to top up every month do I? Bought it and not soon realized that I have 300 minutes to spend on calling in the UK – in just a little more than a week! As I’m here 5 days now. And when I get back on May 9th, I’ll have 5 days before I need to “top up”, as it’s a monthly charge. So well, here is my new British  number – I promise I’ll get back to you, haha: 07749109282 – seriously, I want to get more British contacts!

With the Internet, I also payed a monthly fee for it to work on wifi-hotspots like “the cloud, BTO Open, so I can hang around at Starbucks all day and work from there if I want (not because it’s my favourite place, promise). AND it hasn’t been working all day, as my HTC wildfire has some strange manual settings you need to configure. Felt like a complete technical looser. Finally walked far to get to an O2 shop as the customer service couldn’t help me, and NOW it works. Happy now, sitting on caffe Nero in Chelsea and have MASSIVE amounts to do from all the inputs I got so far today…

Below: London tube map vs. the Stockholm tube map


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