Launching The Art of Science in the UK

Today was very busy. After getting plenty of good (and necessary) advice on how to write my press release from a friend in Scotland, and stressing in the office about everything I should do before leaving to London tomorrow, I had a nice meeting with my great mentor, Annika Winnell. She is the inventor of a cool magnifying mirror, which she sells among other useful things.

After the meeting we went to an “export event”, which students from an international marketing and sales program were arranging in Uppsala. We had a team from the school producing an export plan for us, on how and IF we should enter the USA, as part of their studies. So it was cool to see what they had set up, and to thank them properly for their work. Their conclusion was that we should go for the US, and we want to, but one step at the time.. first we need to succeed fairly well on the UK market.

There were some really good speakers, food, and – samba music with dancers. I used to dance samba so really enjoyed it. I miss practicing it, such great fun. The founder of the Ice hotel was there, telling us how he started everything, it’s such an amazing story! He is quite a character. A professional brand advisor who has been working with Absolut Vodka, also gave a very inspiring speech. How important branding is – for example, that the customers like the image of the product, and wants to be seen around, and with that product image… Nothing really new, but still very important to think about.


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    I think you have done well with WordPress, so far.
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    Good Luck!

  2. Greit!

    Keep up the good work! WordPress looks ok!

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