Launching The Art of Science in the UK

Attitude survey – how?

Need to survey potential customers on the UK market. The problem is that I’m not sure which questions that need to be included in the survey or who to survey(!) – most of the contacts I have in England I’ve already used for a small pre-survey. And we really need to survey the target group of the product, not just anyone. How to get the right email-lists? We want to reach the following target group segments in the best way possible for each segment (with a background in science and technology, no kidding) for our game The Art of Science

University Students

Young professionals (around 23-35)

Academics <35

I’ve at least formulated the aim (although I don’t know if it is any good): To evaluate the attitudes and preferences of our target group segments and to understand how we best can market and sell our products in the UK.

I think this company gave a good description on what an attitude survey is for, however, I looked in vain for already formulated survey-questions to save time.. (lazy me) =)

The Art of Science - the challenging science and technology quiz game

The Art of Science


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