Launching The Art of Science in the UK

So the plan is…

To launch our products in the UK. We have just started to establish a trade mark on the Swedish market and sold a few games but it’s already time. Everyone in the company agrees – it’s now or never! Sweden is too small and the English speaking markets way to big to resist. Our products are a bit nisched so a larger population, especially with a high percentage of our target groups “students and academics”, are attractive. I have heard that the UK market is far from an easy market to enter, but it is conveniently close to Sweden, so why not?

You English speaking have to excuse my far from perfect language. The plan is to go to London in April for a first visit, and then launch our freshly translated “baby” (our first product), the board game “The Art of Science” (challenging science and technology quiz game) in the beginning of May. There is a lot of planning to do, a lot…


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