Launching The Art of Science in the UK

For a long time we have been struggling with finding the time to market The Art of Science in England, where we launched last spring. Nobody in the company lives there any longer, and some of us have got new obligations. So we are now very happy to have an agent in England called Terror Bull Games!

Björn and Claudia met them on a Christmas market in Cambridge last December, and mutual interest was awakened. They have created a controversial board game called “War on Terror”, I think this says a lot about it, haha: “It is probably the only game in history to have been seized by the police, exhibited in a major art gallery and used as a sitcom prop all in the space of the same year.”  Terror Bull Games sell “satirical games and subversive oddities”, no kidding haha.

Andrew from Terror Bull Games and Björn

Björn and Andrews gaming friends

Andrew in an Acabo Games t-shirt, what is that grimace?


We were very pleasantly surprised when we got this podcast sent to us the other day from “The Science Show” on Cambridge 105, “community radio in your city”. They are trying quite a few question cards out towards each other, and what’s even better – they really like our game! Design as well as the game and questions.. And recommend it as a gift to people in science.

Thanks “Science Show” people for finding our game!

This year’s toy fair was again tremendously exciting and lots of new titles are waiting for board game fans. We recognised several running titles and best sellers, however, the funniest party game was seen at the boost of ”Identity Games” and it’s called ”boom boom baloon”. The game is about rolling the dice and tightening spikes into a balloon- thrilling, exciting …, and suddenly: boom! The same company produced hybrid games and combined classic board games with an iPad, so keep your eyes open for “game changer”.

The trend for mind-twisting games continues and we can highly recommend the classic Pentagon consisting of 5 quadratic play elements (it twists your brain!) or the new Swiss game “Caminos”, another strategic multidimensional game with the goal to build a connected line while your opponent tries to cut down your efforts.

The Art of Science and Guesstimaster (our new, bigger and better version of Guesstimates) were presented by Björn and Claudia only to selected companies. The games got particularly good feedback on their high social interaction moves and on their appealing graphic designs.  It is certain that these games have a higher academic value than anything we saw on the fair, and that is the strong USP of our company.

1.     Claudia found friends directly at the worlds biggest Toy Fair in Nürnberg

2.     Identity Games shows the latest iPad-technology for board games to Björn

3.     Björn showing The Art of Science inside the infinite fair

4.     Claudia takes a pause in the board game café

5.     Björn, Bier und Weisswurst – that’s the way to do it in Nürnberg

6.     Caminos, a game from Switzerland on it´s way over the Alps


Every first weekend in December there is a big Christmas market at Mill Street in Cambridge. The Art of Science got amazingly much attention and every second person was in some way connected to science – lovely. “Oh, a science quiz game, that’s a really good idea” was the most common comment of the day. Many games sold, media attention (in radio and local papers) and bringing a lot of smiles to the market – arrangers were more than happy!

Next to us in the tent at the market stood the famous local board game firm that makes The War on Terror and afterwards we had a very nice beer with them at the great pub The Devonshire Arms. Very sympathic people. Who knows, we might end up in a collaboration after Christmas…

Evening ends up very nicely with beers with the creators of The War on Terror game

Claudia and Björn prepared for the last day in the UK for this time

Posters must be in plastic in Cambridge. I suspect it rains a lot here…

The Art of Science – most popular at the Mill Raod Winter Fair this year!

Björn getting lots of good tips from a Cambridge science professor

Björn donating the last games we had in the car to Oxfam as Charity

Claudia and Björn making cheers after a successful week. Skåål!!

Next prominent university city up was lovely Cambridge. One can really just notice on the street how focused people are here. And science is what everybody speaks about, which means a perfect fit for science games! The Chemistry department, Biochemistry department and Plant biology can look forward to get The Art of Science as a prize at their Christmas parties. Several colleges can enjoy our challenging science quiz in their common rooms. The Science museum now sell it and of course also England’s most famous bookstore for academics, Heffers.

Evening session – pub crawling as usual. Already quite a few pubs in town have The Art of Science and fans can play the game at “The Kings Arms”, “The Elm Tree” and “The Emperor”. Bar owners report about frequent game nights and that The Art of Science is very appreciated. Now also THE pub “The Eagle”, “where the DNA was “invented” has the game that we invented. Thank you Gamebridge!

It’s really been an adventurous and exciting road trip through academic England and we sincerely hope that we have brought some science game spirit to the British! Thank you for this time!

1. Obviously many have already played their way to knowledge at “The Kings Arms”

2. “The Elm Tree” is a very good pub for board game players

3. Poster promotion tour in “Gamebridge”

4. Claudia and The Art of Science are ahead of time!

5. Björn is running against time…(or is it a time jump???)

6. The Art of Science at the top of board games in pubs in Cambridge

“You have really come to the right place for your game”

…this was the first we heard from a local that we showed The Art of Science for on the streets in Oxford. And that was the feeling throughout our stay. Challenging knowledge games is a mass market in this sterotype of academic cities. Basically all major bookstores want to sell our game including Blackwells, Hoyles and Waterstones.

The Art of Science and its two promoters, one speaking with a Swedish and the other with a German accent, decided after a loong day to head for the Pub “The White Horse” first. After some excellent Fish & Chips a game was sponsored as the prize for this evening’s quiz. Another game was donated to the Pub and is now available for anyone interested in trying the game. Next up is “Cape of good Hope”, were you can now win The Art of Science at their next pub quiz!


1. Demo game for the Pub The White Horse and one for the winner of the evenings quiz night

2 The start of the pub crawl: “The white horse”
3. The Art of Science in “Le Turf”

4. The Art of Science in “The Cape of Good Hope”
5. Oxford smarties playing the game

6. The Art of Science in “The Kings Arms”

Next up Brunel university in the outskirts of London (Uxbridge). First we had the opportunity to meet with the famous British engineer scientist Professor H S Wolff, who switched to fluent German when he heard Claudia’s German accent. We showed him the game and told him about the 2000 questions and gave him a free game for his department. However, he seems to be more interested in interactive games of one he developed himself: Prof. Heinz Wolff´s Gravity” Indeed, it is a nice computer game, who knows, maybe we can transfer our questions into interactive games. Who wants to be the famous Professor this time?

At Brunel we were lucky due to the big strike. Students did’t have lectures so they just seemed to hang around at campus with lot’s of time talking to board game people like us. We took the opportunity to sponsor several Christmas parties on the student union with our game and as usual covered the campus with posters and flyers. So, if you want one for free, go there and participate in the competitions!

Tomorrow we arrive to the most famous university of the world: OXFORD, here we come!

(click on picture to view pictures larger and slideshow)

1. The Art of Sience at Brunel University

2. “The Art of Science”, Claudia and Björn at Burnel University without Prof. Heinz Wolff because they could not afford him

3. Brunel is now wallpapered with posters…

4. Lot’s of new contacts today

5. Björn working hard (between the pub visits)

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